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Kierre’s Review of Wonder Woman 1984 2020 ★★

Watched Jan 10, 2021

Wonder Woman 1984 is set...well in 1984. In this film, for some reason we're in the 1980's, but more on that later. Wonder Woman or Diana is working at a Museum when one of her colleagues finds this rock that grants wishes but at a price. Diana wishes that her old dead boyfriend would come back, and her colleague named Barbara (played by Kristin Wiig) wishes to be more like Diana (although Barbara isn't aware that Diana is Wonder Woman and has special powers). Meanwhile an Oil Tycoon named Maxwell (played by Pedro Pascal) also gets access to the stone and wishes that he was the stone to grant anyone's wish. That's the basic summary of the story. I did not care for this film. It was too long, and the villains were pretty weak also. I have no clue as why the film needed to be set in the 80's as they didn't make good use of it, other than a few laughs when Diana's dead boyfriend comes back. Other than that the film was pretty subpar and forgettable.

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