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Kierre's Review of 1BR 2019 ★★★

1BR 2019 ★★★

Watched Jun 14, 2020

1BR is a film about a young girl who has had a lot of issues at home with her family. Her mother has recently passed away and her Father is now with a new woman and so she moves out West to Los Angeles, CA to start a new life. She find what appears to be a perfect Apartment Complex with a very tight knit community that she feels would be a great fit for her. Upon moving into her 1 Bedroom Apartment (1BR) she soon learns that people living in the Apartment may not be quite as welcoming as she initially thought. This is a thriller/light horror film and it is a little hard to describe this film without giving away any spoilers. I though the film was decent but not great. It is definitely not a slow burn as once she moves into the complex, things start happening very quickly. Overall, it is one to check out but nothing that I would need to watch again.

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