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Kierre's Review of Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics 2020 ★★★½

Watched May 17, 2020

Have a Good Trip is a Documentary film which stars many Actors, Comedians, Media Personalities and Celebrities chronicling their experiences with using Psychedelic drugs, including LSD and Shrooms. Some of the stars include Ben Stiller, Carrie Fisher, Sting, Anthony Bourdain, and Fred Willard (who recently passed a way a few days ago). The film talks about their experiences of having a "Good Trip" vs having a "Bad Trip"

I really enjoyed this and found the film to be quite interesting. It was fun, light and very funny as well. The experiences, especially of those who only tried it once, like Ben Stiller and Rosie Perez were quite hilarious! I wouldn't say the film is a completely pro-LSD use but it certainly isn't against it. I would have been nice for the film to show a little bit about the long term effects or dangers that using these drugs can cause however. Otherwise a really good film that I strongly recommend.

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