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Kierre's Reivew of Fear Street: 1994 2021 ★★★

Watched Jul 31, 2021

K Fear Street 1994 is Part 1 of a Trilogy of Horror films on Netflix. This film is about a group of kids, set in 1994, who live in a town that is plagued with Serial Killers who seems to be normal people but all of sudden went on a violent murder spree. It is not a spoiler to state that part of the reason that this town has had so many serial killers over the years, decades and even centuries is because of a Witch who put a curse on the town some time ago. The witch appears to be picking people at random and turning them into serial killers. When one of the girls in the group is being stalked by a group of "re-animated" Killers, the rest of friends try to find a way to stop the curse.

First off, I didn't watch the films each week they came out, but I didn't watch them back to back either. This first film reminded be a lot of the "Scream" films with a group of teens using cliche's and movie facts to try to outsmart the killers. I enjoyed it enough but felt it kind of like ripped off other films from the 1990's. Yes, the other two films have some of that same issues, but for some reason they just felt more original than this one did to me. I did enjoy it but I though it was weakest of the series. I will be review the other two films in the coming days as well.

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