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Kierre's Review of Fear Street: 1978 2021 ★★★½

Watched Aug 07, 2021

Fear Street: 1978 is the 2nd part of the Fear Street series. In the first part, or Fear Street 1994, a group of teens are being stalked by re-animated killers at the hands of a witch. One of the girls in the group of teens ends up being possessed by the witch and so the teens must turn to someone who has had experience with someone being possessed by the witch. They end up finding a lady whose sister was possessed back in 1978 at a summer camp! This story is centered mostly around the camp and what happened back in 1978.

I really enjoyed this story! It had a bit different feel from the first film and although it also was influenced heavily by another horror series (Friday the 13th, instead of Scream this time) it still felt very fresh and original. I thought this story was a little less cheesy than the 1994 version and also found the actors to be a little more interesting. It is just scary enough for all you horror fans! I strongly recommend this film but seriously, you will need to watch all three films to get the full story.

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