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Kierre's Review of 8-Bit Christmas 2021 ★★★½

Watched Dec 11, 2021

8-Bit Christmas stars Neil Patrick Harris, as a father who is taking his daughter to his parents house for Christmas. Upon arriving to his parents house he notices that his Nintendo is still in tact from the 1980's and he proceeds to tell his daughter the story and the difficulty he experienced trying to his hands on the gaming unit.

First off, I really enjoyed this film quite a bit. It reminded me a great deal of "A Christmas Story" as there is a Narrator telling a story of his childhood and trying to get something for Christmas that his parents do not want him to have. Only instead of a Red Rider BB gun, he is after a Nintendo. I found the film to be really good. It is heavily influenced by "A Christmas Story" but since it is set in the 1980's it reminded me a great deal of my personal childhood. This is definitely the kind of film I can see myself watching every year around the Holidays. I strongly recommend!

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