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Kierre's Review of A Quiet Place Part II 2020 ★★★★

Watched May 29, 2021

A Quiet Place Part II picks up pretty much right after the first one; and also before it. In the start of this film, we go all the way back to "Day 1" of the Alien Invasion. We get to see how quickly the world is turned upside by these giant human killing monsters. We also flash forward to the present and see the same family from the previous film with the mother and her infant child on the run seeking help and refuge. They do eventually end up find a family friend and he has a place for them to hide. However the daughter, having recently found a way to kill the Aliens, has a plan to travel to find a radio signal in order to provide help to all of the remaining humans in hiding.

What I like about these film, both the original and the sequel is not only are both films very suspenseful, they both offer very little downtime, wasted minutes or unnecessary subplots. Both films pretty much get right into the action and barely ever let up. The suspense, horror and action are great and so is the acting; even though the stars don't talk much and have to whisper due to the Aliens being able to hear sound easily. I don't know if this film is better than the original but it is definitely on par and is one of the best films of the year so. I strongly recommend!

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