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Kierre's Review of Antlers 2021 ★★★

Watched Jan 15, 2022

Antlers is a Horror film that stars Keri Russell as a School Teacher who takes interest in one of her young students played by Jeremy Thomas, who seems to be going through a difficult time and draws some very scary and horrifying pictures of his father and brother. She soon visits her students house to speak with his father and we later learn that the boy's father and brother is being possessed by some type of demon that grows inside of a body and then sprouts antlers like a deer. The film also stars Jesse Plemons as her Police Officer brother.

While I enjoyed this film overall, I did feel it could have been a little less grim. There was just not a lot of fun in this film as all the characters in this film were going through something dark. It has enough horror to keep anyone engaged but I would have prefer a little humor or a little more fun I guess.

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