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Kierre's Review of Breaking News in Yuba County 2021 ★★

Watched Mar 28, 2021

#breakingnewsinyubacounty Breaking New in Yuba County stars Allison Janney as a wife who feels like she isn't getting the respect she deserves from her co-workers and husband. It is her birthday and nobody wishes her Happy Birthday at work and even her husband doesn't. She ends of following her husband to a motel and catches him cheating on her with a mistress and her husband end up having a heart attack and dies. She then decides to call news stations to tell everyone her husband is missing in order to gain fame and attention. She also soon learns that her husband was involved in shady business dealing and has people after him and her, for money. The film also stars Mila Kunis, Regina Hall, Awkwafina, Wanda Sykes, Ellen Barkin, Matthew Modine, and Juliette Lewis. I was initially interested in this film because of the title as I lived in Yuba City in High School, which is one county over from Yuba County here in California. However this film really has nothing to do with the Yuba County I know and is just another small town film. The film is a mess with too many plot lines to follow and describe and it wasn't anything I'd personally see again.

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