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Kierre's Review of Cruella 2021 ★★★

Watched Jun 04, 2021

Cruella is basically an origins story of Curella Devil of 101 Dalmatians. In this story, Estella is played by Emma Stone, a young orphan who end up working with two boys as grifters who go about stealing and committing crimes in order to survive. Estella has always been interested in fashion and eventually gets a job in the industry, and then gets a promotion to work for a very mean and demanding fashion designer named The Baroness played by Emma Thompson. One day Estella sees the Baroness wearing a necklace which was once owned by her deceased mother and creates an alter-ego of Cruella in order to embarrass the The Baroness as a rival Fashion Designer with hopes to eventually get her mother's necklace back.

There is a bit more to the story than this but for a Disney Film, I found it to be very dark. I really enjoyed about the first hour and a half of the film but felt the film was a bit too long. The story and music isn't bad but the length of 2 hours and 15 minutes almost ruins what could have been a very interesting and exciting story. Overall I still recommend but it is far from perfect

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