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Kierre's Review of F9 2021 ★★★

Watched Jul 01, 2021

F9 or Fast and Furious 9 is the continued saga of Toretto and his crew. In this film, and I'm not going bore you with the complicated plot, we learn that Dominic has a brother (played by John Cena) who both had a falling out back when they were young. Now his brother is a spy and is after a device that can blow up the world or something like that. Again, the plot in these films are not really important. His brother is also working with a crew who have these high powered magnets that can lift and flip cars as well. Toretto and the gang are after lil Toretto and trying to stop him from getting the device.

I know the plots in these films are pretty thin and you are basically just checking your brain at the door and watching for the fight scenes and action. This one was ok but also pretty forgettable like the one before it and the one before that. I watch these films but haven't loved one of them in quite some time. They are just fun, popcorn flicks.

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