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Kierre's Review of Fatherhood 2021 ★★★

Watched Jun 20, 2021

Fatherhood stars Kevin Hart and him and his wife are expecting a baby. Soon after the daughter is born the mother starts having complications and ends up passing away leaving Kevin Hart's character to raise his daughter alone. He doesn't know much about parenting but enlists the help of is Mother-in-law and friends to help the best he can.

That's really the whole basic story of the film. Some have found this film to be a tear-jerker or heartbreaking but outside the death of his wife I didn't really see that. It is a mostly a Dramady, but the Drama parts of the film are actually a little better than the Comedy portion in my opinion. Kevin is great and his supporting cast is as well but I didn't find anything too great about the film itself. It isn't a bad or anything but nothing something I'd personally revisit.

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