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Kierre's Review of Kate 2021 ★★★½

Watched Sep 18, 2021

Kate is a Netflix Originals Action Film that stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead as "Kate" a Hitwoman living in Japan who along with her crew, are targeting the Japanese Yakuza. She soon becomes a target herself and is slipped a radioactive substance that will eventually kill her in about 24-36 hours. She decides to use her remaining time to go after the head of the Yakuza clan she believes is responsible for poisoning her. The film also stars Miku Martineau and Woody Harrelson.

I really enjoyed this film! I'm slowly becoming a Mary Elizabeth Winstead fan and love how versatile of an actress she is. This film is a revenge/action movie plan and simple. The story is pretty basic and that's really all you need for a film like this. It is very fast-paced and has very little downtime, but you are essentially just waiting for next fight scene. The visuals and Cinematography are amazing, showcasing a vibrant and colorful night life in Osaka and Tokyo. As an action junkie, that is really all I need. I highly recommend, and this film definitely kicks ass!

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