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Kierre's Review of Nomadland 2021 ★★★½

Watched Feb27, 2021 Nomadland stars Frances McDormand as Fern, a woman who was living in a small town called Empire in Nevada. Her husband has passed away and the plant that employed most of the residents in that town had closed. All of the residents were basically out of work, and so Fern decides to pack up her Van with basically of her belonging and becomes a "Nomad" or a person who is without a home.

Fern travels across many states, sleeping out of her van and finding work where she can. This includes working seasonally at Amazon, or being basically the Janitor at many different camp sites. Fern seems at peace living of out of her van and even when she does get the opportunity to spend the night in a house, she seems uncomfortable. She is truly apart of the Nomad society. I did enjoy this film quite a bit. I felt that Frances McDormand was excellent in the lead role but also loved the many conversations she had with real Nomads who were casted in the film. The film is beautiful to look at the you get see what is really like for people who choose this way of life. If I had any small gripe about the film is that personally it doesn't have enough conflict for me. There isn't any challenges she faces other the weather conditions and the occasional breakdown of her van. Most of the film just her traveling and working; which is all fine but for me it doesn't make for a film that I would most likely re-watch again. However it is one that I can recommend.

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