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Kierre's Review of Promising Young Woman 2021 ★★★

Watched Apr 24, 2021

#Promsingyoungwoman Promising Young Woman is a kind of a hard film to describe without giving away too much. The film stars Carey Mulligan as woman in her 30's who still lives at home with her parents. Every other night she goes to bars or night clubs and pretends to be drunk and every time a man ends up taking her to his house and tries to take advantage of her. We initially do not know why she would do this and why she would put herself in potential danger but as the film progresses we do find out what her motive is. This is really all I can say without going into too much detail but the film is basically a "Me Too" film as it deals with this subject in a unique way. I did enjoy the film but had some issues with her overall motive for putting herself in danger and the end was not only a head scratcher, it also wasn't very plausible if you really think about it. Overall I didn't think this was a "Best Picture Nominee" type of film but I know how the Academy can be easily influenced by whatever is trending at the moment. Cary Mulligans is great but the film is just decent in my opinion and has one of the worst endings ever.

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