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Kierre's Review of Stowaway ★★★

Watched Jun 06, 2021

Stowaway is about a 3 person crew on a Spaceship headed to Mars for a 2 year research mission. One is a Pilot, one is a Doctor and one is an Scientist. Upon leaving earth and arriving in space they learn they have a "stowaway", who is a Spacecraft Engineer who somehow was knocked out and ended up inside the ship. They also learn that the ship took some damage entering space and that their oxygen supply is now limited and they only have enough oxygen for 3 people onboard and are unable to turn back to earth. The film stars Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, Shamier Anderson and Toni Collette. The plot of this film centers around the morality question of what do you do if there are four people aboard a ship and only having enough oxygen for 3. The 3 people who were scheduled for the trip must decide what do with the stowaway Engineer as they will all run out of oxygen if he stays onboard.

Overall I just thought the film was decent. However it reminded me of several other "space" films that I have seen in the past such as "Gravity", "A Midnight Sky" and another more recent film "Oxygen", which is more about being trapped in a unit and running out of oxygen. I thought the film was well acted but pretty basic and simplistic in my opinion. I am also very tired of every Space film needed to work in a way that the crew must leave the ship to either repair something, or retrieve something as you know anytime they step outside the ship, something always goes wrong. I can recommend this film but it isn't one that I most likely would need to revisit.

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