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Kierre's Review of The Old Way 2023 ★★★½

Watched May 29, 2023

"Either MANDY in the old West, or Nicholas Cage's "UNFORGIVEN"

The Old Way stars Nicholas Cage as Colton Briggs, a gunfighter who kills a man in front of his young son. Years later Colton has given up his wild ways and now has a wife and child; however, the young boy from his past is now all grown up and is seeking revenge. He attacks Colton's family and now Colton and his daughter go out on a journey to find this man.

The plot is extremely basic, and it has been described as either "Mandy" in the old West, or Nicholas Cage's "Unforgiven", either way, I enjoyed it! I found the story to be interesting and we get enough Crazy Cage to make the film fun in my opinion. It doesn't do anything all that original, but it doesn't really do much wrong either.

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