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Kierre's Review of Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2021 ★★★★½

Watched Mar 20, 2021

4 hours of Awesome!!!

As most people are probably aware at this point, Zack Snyder was the original Director for "Justice League" back in 2018, but had to step away from the project due to a death in the family. The film was later completed by Joss Whedon, and was almost universally panned by Critics and Audiences as well. Sometime last year Warner Bros gave Snyder like 50 Million Dollars to come back and complete his vision of Justice League. First off, I might have been one of the few people who actually didn't hate the 2018 version, so I wasn't sure why this version was needed and was quite skeptical of a 4 hour running time. However, this film was EPIC!!!

While I did take a break about midway through, I finished the entire film in one day. The additional 2 hours that were added to this film just made it infinitely better. More backstory for Flash and especially Cyborg and Snyder got rid of the dumb subplot about the Russian Family. The added visuals just made the film so much more cool! He also added some new Villains as well as new Superheroes and probably set up the film for more sequels or DC Films to come. Whether he will be the director of those films or not, remains to be seen however. Bottom line is, this film kicks ass!!!

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