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Jason’s Review of Becky 2020 ★★★★

Becky 2020 ★★★★

Watched Jun 26, 2020

BECKY is no GREEN ROOM, but if you derived great pleasure from watching a punk rock band inflict richly deserved bodily harm on scumbag Nazis in that film, you will get much of the same enjoyment out of seeing a spunky and slightly psychotic 13-year-old girl do the same here. Essentially a home invasion film that combines the basic scenario of FUNNY GAMES with the violent booby traps set by a precocious youngster of HOME ALONE, this movie is a brutal, bloody, darkly funny, fist-pumping good time. As the title character, Lulu Wilson is quite simply BADASS. I wasn't entirely sold on Kevin James, although I appreciate the effort of playing against type here as an escaped convict and skinhead gang leader. Even with a beard, shaved head, and body covered with tattoos, I just didn't find him all that menacing. Compare that with Patrick Stewart in GREEN ROOM, who was much scarier and without all the flair. Still, this is a highly enjoyable popcorn revenge flick for anyone with a strong stomach.

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