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Jason’s Review of Run 2020 ★★★

Run 2020 ★★★

Watched Nov 30, 2020

I wonder if any real-life criminals keep an Exposition Box full of newspaper clippings, death certificates, etc... handy so that anyone who finds it can know their whole sordid story within seconds? I was really on board for this for about the first hour. I like captivity-based thrillers, and it’s got some very tense sequences. Sarah Paulson is solid as always but doesn’t do much you haven’t seen her do before. Acting-wise, Kiera Allen is the real story here; she’s excellent. It falls apart in the last half hour I think, pushes credibility too many times and ends on a wrong note. Also, the early group therapy scene of Paulson with the other parents of disabled children doesn’t make sense in hindsight and seems totally unnecessary? But I’m giving it a C+ for being pretty darn good for about two-thirds of it.

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