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Jason's Review of Bad Boys for Life ★★★★

Bad Boys for Life 2020 ★★★★

Watched Jan 22, 2020

I haven’t seen the original 1995 BAD BOYS in a very long time, but I really liked it back in the day.  Never upgraded to DVD, but I had the VHS and watched it several times.  2003’s BAD BOYS II, on the other hand, was stupid and shallow in all the worst ways, I still consider it one of the worst movies I’ve seen.

I can’t say I was awaiting BAD BOYS FOR LIFE with baited breath, but the surprisingly positive reviews made me curious.  And guess what?  It’s pretty great, actually.

Will Smith still does the Will Smith thing exceedingly well, it’s as if he hasn’t aged a day.  Martin Lawrence...this made me realize how much I miss him, he is such a likable performer.  And the two of them together are just great.

Even better than seeing both of them at the height of their game in a good movie once again, what took me by surprise was how much depth this movie had.  For all its silly humor, this is a movie that takes aging seriously, and confronts it in ways I didn’t expect.  There’s a huge twist that legitimately surprised me.  And the action scenes are bracing and intense.  Pretty great stuff all around.

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