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Kierre's Review of Barbarian 2022 ★★★★

Watched Sep 10, 2022

Barbarian is a horror film starring Georgina Campbell as a woman who rents an Airbnb in bad area of Detroit only to find that a man (played by Bill Skarsgård) has already rented it. After a brief discussion they both decided to share the Airbnb and to contact the rental company in the morning. However, during the night and the next day things go from bad to worse! The film also co-stars Justin Long. I can't really say too much about this film without giving away most of the major plot. I can only say that this film is very creepy and exceptionally good! It is definitely the type of film where you should go into it knowing as little as possible. All I knew going into the film was that two people both rented the same Airbnb, and things take a horrifying turn, which will leave you speechless! This is one of the best Horror Films of the year!

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