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Kierre's Review of Triangle of Sadness 2022 ★★★★

Watched Dec 17, 2022

Triangle of Sadness is about two Models/Social Media Influences who are invited on a Private Cruise for the Elite and Wealthy. There are mostly only Millionaires and Billionaires on this cruise, other than the staff of course. The cruise is supposed to be perfect in every way according to the staff, but it ends up being the cruise from hell! The ship hits some very rocky waters and the entire group ends up seasick, with toilets back up and overflowing. The ship is also hit with a grenade and the surviving crew and cruisers are swept away to a small island with little food or water.

I really enjoyed this film. It is a fun and funny film about the wealthy and elite getting what is coming to them. The film is quite long but I honestly didn't even notice the length as the film is broken up into 3 distinct parts, but my personal favorite is when they are all shipwrecked on the island where class and status doesn't matter. I strongly recommend this film and it is a contender for my Top 10 Films of 2022.

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