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Kierre's Review of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever 2022 ★★★½

Watched Nov 10, 2022

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is the sequel to the 2018 smash hit, "Black Panther". In this film the Wakanda people and family of the T'Challa are dealing with the death of The Black Panther, and his family are also trying to keep their people safe from attack. There are many Government Agencies trying to infiltrate Wakanda to steal their precious metals and Technology. When their plans do not work, they seek underwater to find these materials, but encounter a new race of people who live beneath the ocean.

This film deals a lot with loss and woman empowerment. It is more about colonization, death, and protecting tribal people and their way of life than any else. The film does have quite a bit of action, but with a 2 hours and 40 minutes running time it does feel a little long in places. I also had a few small gripes about the final fight and conclusion but did enjoy the film overall. I also felt there could have been a little more of the new Black Panther in the film as well. It is a slight step down from the original but still quite fun!

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