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Kierre's Review of Elvis 2022 ★★½

Watched Jul 10, 2022

Elvis is the Biopic starring Austin Butler as Elvis Presley. This film is directed by Baz Luhrmann and co-stars Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker who was Elvis's Business Partner/Manger. The film chronicles Elvis Presley's life and premature death and his influence on Rock 'n' Roll Music. I've grown quite tired of Biopics in general as they all seem to follow a very similar formula. The artist rises to superstardom, becomes a megastar then drugs, alcohol and money problems bring them crashing down or lead to their death. While Baz Luhrmann did do a few things differently, the film still plays like many other Biopics I've seen in the past. I felt Austin Butler was great playing Elvis and Tom Hanks always delivers; but the film was overly long and dances around many criticisms people have about Elvis as a person. These include whether he was paying homage to the Black Artists he was inspired by or simple stole many black artists music for his own person gain. There are also many who question his relationship with Priscilla as they met when he was twenty-four and she was fourteen. Overall, the film felt long and hardly used any of his own music for the score. It's not a bad film but not a great one either.

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