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Kierre's Review of Everything Everywhere All at Once 2022 ★★½

Watched Apr 10, 2022

Everything Everywhere All at Once stars Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn, as a owner of a family ran Laundromat and Dry Cleaners. She along with her Husband, Waymond (played by Ke Huy Qun), and her father (James Hong) are in the middle of paying their taxes and trying to justify their reasoning for all their tax write-offs. They are required to go to the IRS office and having to meet with their Tax Agent (played by Jamie Lee Curtis). Right before meeting with their agent, Evelyn's husband, starts "glitching" and then tells her she is from another Multiverse and that she is in grave danger as another dark force from another Multiverse is looking for her. He tells her that she can possess the powers and skills of any other Evelyn from any other Multiverse, including advanced fighting skills. The film also co-stars Stephanie Hsu as Evelyn's daughter.

This film is a little bit hard to describe as there are many other elements to it. It reminds me of a lot of other films, however, such as "The Matrix" but only more Comedic. The film is wacky and kind of a wild ride which I did enjoy overall but it goes on a bit too long for my taste and also gets very silly towards the end. The film also throws in an emotional element in the last act which I felt was somewhat unneeded. While I do enjoy action films a great deal, I tend to not enjoy some of the sillier ones like "Shaolin Soccer" and this one was kind of on that level as well. It just wasn't really overall my cup of tea.

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