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Kierre's Review of Firestarter 2022 ★★½

Watched Jun 05, 2022

Firestarter is a remake of the 1984 film of the same name that starred Drew Barrymore as a child named Charlie with powers to make fire with her mind. In this film, Kiera Armstrong plays the title role of Charlie, and her parents are Andy and Vicky who were subject to testing prior to Charlie being born. Andy (Zac Efron) has the ability to control people's minds if they look into his eyes and his wife Vicky (Sydney Lemmon) can make objects move with her mind, but she hasn't used her powers in quite some time. Charlie's parents have always tried to keep her from using her powers as they fear if she uses them, she will be hunted by the same Government officials who used to do testing on them. However, an accident at Charlie's school does alert the Officials and now the entire family is being hunted by another person with enhanced powers. I liked the first "Firestarter" as a kid, although I will admit it seems a bit dated today. However, you could obviously tell they used real fire in that version as the actors were literally sweating on camera. Of course, this latest version is pretty much all CGI as most horror remakes are. I did enjoy the first hour or so of this film but the film definitely jumps the shark in the last act where Charlie comes to rescue her dad. Overall, it was decent but I'm not sure if it is the kind of film I will personally watch again.

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