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Kierre's Review of Halloween Ends 2022 ★★★

Watched Oct 15, 2022

Halloween Ends is the final saga in the David Gordon Green Trilogy. This film is quite different than expected as instead of picking up right where we left off after Michael Myer's escape in Halloween Kills, this film introduces a new character named Corey who while babysitting a kid back in 2019, accidently kill him. The film then flashes forwards to the present and he is a bit of an outsider and labeled a murderer in town. He does strike up a relationship with Laurie's Granddaughter, but a chance encounter with Michael Myers changes everything for Corey as well as the Strobe family. I don't really want to give too much away in this review, but I will say that this film needed more Michael Myers. I didn't completely dislike this new storyline, but the film takes far too long to give us the "The Shape" in my opinion and spend a bit too much time with plot development with Corey. Once Michael does show up on the scene, the film does pick up the pace, but it does make up for the 45 minutes to about any hour of no Myers! It is a good film, and I will watch it again, I can't knock anyone who didn't like this one.

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