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Kierre's Review of Morbius 2022 ★★½

Watched Apr 07, 2022

Morbius stars Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius, who was born with a blood illness that had left him partially partialized for most of his life. The illness is so rare that only a few people seems to have it, including his childhood best friend Milo (played by Matt Smith). As a child Michael being hospitalized in London with Milo, was very gifted and sent to New York in the US in order to study and eventually becoming a Doctor. He has been studying and looking for a cure for himself, Milo and others and starts experimenting with Vampire Bats as he believes their blood may be the cure to his illness. He injects himself with a concoction using the bat's blood and is healed, but also becomes a Vampire!

I will start off by saying that the reviews for this film are terrible! Yes, the film was made probably back in 2019 and was delayed heavily due to the Pandemic. The filmmakers could have used this time fix some of the poor and strange editing in the film as it still felt somewhat rushed in my opinion. The story and action is pretty decent and there is something to be said about the short running time of an hour and 44 minutes, but this was overall a bit of a mess. It isn't as bad as the critics are saying but it was kind of forgettable also. This film honestly should have been Rated R, like the "Blade" films in my opinion as well. If you have less than 2 hours to kill, this isn't a bad film but do not expect greatness either.

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