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Kierre's Review of Orphan: First Kill 2022 ★★★★

Watched Aug 27, 2022

Orphan: First Kill is a prequel to "Orphan" a film about a murderous little girl named Ester (played by Isabelle Fuhrman), who is adopted into a family but has a secret past. This prequel is set a few years before the first film and shows Ester in a Mental Institution in Europe and how she escaped. Once she does get free, she goes online to find photos of missing girls who have similar features to her and then says she is the missing girl of a family living in the US. The mother of the missing girl played by Julia Stiles decided to travel to Europe to bring her daughter (who went missing a few years ago) back home. I have to say, I really enjoyed this film! I've always been a fan of the first film and enjoyed the twist in that film, but this film offers a new type of twist that I didn't see coming. I thought both Isabelle Fuhrman and Julia Styles were fantastic in their roles, and this was one of my favorite films of the year! I strongly recommend it!

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