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Kierre's Review of Prey for the Devil 2022 ★★½

Watched Nov 05, 2022

Prey For the Devil stars Jacqueline Byers as a Nun named Sister Ann who works at a Catholic Church that specializes in Exorcisms. Basically, anyone who is believed to be possessed is quarantined at their facility in order to perform an Exorcism by a Preist, as Nuns are not permitted to be involved in the actual Exorcism. However, because Sister Ann has been in contact with a possessed person as a child (her mother was possessed), and because some of the possessed people are reaching out to her, she is permitted to obverse some Exorcisms. T

he plot is somewhat simple as most of the film takes place at the facility and I just didn't find the film to be particularly scary. There have been much better and scarier films dealing with Exorcisms and I thought this was just ok. I wouldn't recommend it, but it isn't a terrible film.

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