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Kierre's Review of Smile 2022 ★★★½

Watched Oct 01, 2022

Smile is a horror film starring Sosie Bacon as a Psychiatrist named Dr. Rose Cotter who works in a mental Health Unit. One day she sees a new patient who claims something is targeting her and it is pretending to be other people she knows in her life and making these people smile at her. The patient eventually kills herself, but now Dr. Cotter is seeing some of the same things that her patient was seeing and she is worried she might die next. With the help of her Cop ex-boyfriend, they discover that many other people have experienced the same thing, and all ended up killing themselves. Rose must now find the underlying cause of what is happening to her in order to remove whatever curse is plaguing her. While I definitely enjoyed this film, I do have some issues with it. The film is very scary in parts, but part of my complaint is its originality. This film just reminded me of many other films that are remarkably similar, such as "The Ring", "It Follows" and "Sinister" as they all deal with similar subject matter. A demon that latches on to people and eventually kills them unless they can somehow break the chain. I also felt most of the scary parts of this film were presented already in all the trailers. It is a decent horror film that I can recommend but I enjoyed a few other Horror films more so far this year.

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