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Kierre's Review of Spirited 2022 ★★★

Watched Dec 19, 2022

Spirited is a Musical starring Will Ferrell as a ghost who along with a team, haunts bad individuals using the Ghosts of Christmas, Past, Present and Future, similar to the famous Charles Dickens Novel, "A Christmas Carol". Ferrell and his team of "Haunters" zero in on a very mean character played by Ryan Reynolds, who is considered "Unredeemable". Farrell's character believes that Reynold's character can be changed and decides to haunt him anyway. The film also co-stars Octavia Spencer, Tracy Morgan, and Joe Tippett.

I will be the first to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of musicals. I didn't dislike this film by any means as I did laugh in parts and enjoy the story overall, but it was about the 100th version of "A Christmas Carol" that I've seen. Many of those other films, including "Scrooged" I found to be vastly superior to this one. It was decent with a few laughs here and there but not very memorable in my opinion. Plus is it just me or does Will Ferrell sound like Kermit the frog when singing?

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