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Kierre's Review of The 355 2022 ★★

Watched Jan 27, 2022

The 355 is a Pg-13 Action Film staring Jessica Chastain as a CIA tracking a terrorist organization who killed her partner and boyfriend (played by Sebastian Stan), and have possession of a weapon that can control basically any electronic device including an Airplane or fighter jet. She reluctantly has to team up with a MI:6 Agent (Lupita Nyong'o), a Shrink (Penélope Cruz) and a Secret Agent (Diane Kruger) in order find the terrorist group.. The film also stars Bingbing, and Edgar Ramírez.

The plot is pretty basic and a little silly at time. The fight scenes are good but with the film being PG-13, they really don't get too intense. The film was pretty forgettable and I've definitely seen much better action film and much better film with a bunch of badass woman! I'm a huge Jessica Chastain fan and she is always great in anything, but this script was pretty terrible and the storyline was kind of weak also. This is not a film that I would recommend, unfortunately.

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