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Kierre's Review of The Black Phone 2021 ★★★½

Watched Jun 28, 2022

The Black Phone is set in the 1970's and is about a town where teenage boys go missing and nobody in the town knows who is kidnapping them. A teenage boy named Finney (played by Mason Thames) and his sister Gwen who both live in the town with their father and are worried that "The Grabber" may end up taking them too. Eventually Finney is kidnapped by The Grabber and locked in a room with just a bed, a toilet and a broken black phone. He doesn't know what The Grabber's intentions are with him, but he soon starts receiving phone calls on the broken black phone from the other kidnapped kids who are trying to help him escape. Gwen, who has some psychic abilities, also starts having dreams that provide clues to the police about where Finney is being held captive. This film is very good but also very simplistic, as about 80% of the film is Finney locked into the basement with The Black Phone. The plot is somewhat simple but the acting and the suspense are both great. I found the film to be fun, and scary at times. In some ways this film reminded me of "Doctor Sleep", which isn't too surprising as the film is based on a short story written by Stephen King's son. Also, Ethan Hawke is great as "The Grabber" and this is definitely a film that I strongly recommend.

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