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Kierre's Review of They/Them 2022 ★★

Watched Aug 13, 2022

They/Them is a Horror Film about a group of young LGBTQA+ teens/adults who are invited to a Summer Camp for conversion. Kevin Bacon plays the role of Camp Leader along with his wife and a few other young adults who were once members of the Gay community but have sense been converted. In the backdrop there is a serial killer who picking off individuals at the camp one by one. The film also co-stars Theo Germaine, Quei Tann, Austin Crute, and Anna Chlumsky. My main issue with this film is that it is really two separate films, one about a Gay Conversion Camp and the other about a Serial Camp Killer, and I don't think the filmmakers quite knew how to tie both films together. There would be a murder and then about 30-45 minutes of taking before anything else would happen. I just wasn't sure what the film was trying to be and made for an often boring and uninteresting Horror Film, for the most part. I would pass on this one!

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