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Kierre's Review of Thor: Love and Thunder 2022 ★★★

Watched Jul 21, 2022

Thor: Love and Thunder is the 4th Thor film starring Chris Hemsworth as the title character. In the film, years after the big battle with Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, Thor has been traveling around the Universe with the Guardians of the Galaxy. He has also somehow lost his purpose in life and seems bored without much to do. However, a new villain, named Gorr (played by Christain Bale) has emerged and is a God Killer who must be stopped. Garr has set his sights on Asgard and so Thor travels there to try to stop this new foe. When he arrives, he is aided by not only Valkyrie (played by Tessa Thompson) he is also met with his old flame Jane (Natalie Portman) who now also wields his old Hammer and has the same powers as he does. During the battle, Gorr escapes but not before kidnapping all of the children in the village. It is now up to Thor, Valkyrie, and Jane to get them back. The film also stars Taika Waititi, and Russell Crowe. I actually enjoyed this film a lot more than I had expected. Although it is sort of a love story, I found the film to be extremely humorous and also a lot of fun. It isn't as good as some of the previous Thor films but it was refreshing to have a film that lightens the mood for most of the 2-hour run time. It does falter a little towards the end but overall, a pretty decent popcorn film.

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