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Kierre's Review of Violent Night 2022 ★★★½

Watched Dec 17, 2022

Violent Night stars David Harbour as Santa Claus; a bitter, smoking, drinking and cursing Santa, however. He's tired of Christmas and believes that kids today are greedy and spoiled. Meanwhile a wealthy family called the Lightstone's is celebrating Christmas at the family compound. There is a little Lightstone girl whose parents are recently separated but have all come together for the Holidays. While Santa is at the Lightstone's house delivering presents, a team of ex-military personnel break into the house in order to unlock a safe with 30 million dollars. They take the family hostage, and the little girl reaches out to Santa for help, and he begrudgingly kicks into action! The film also co-stars, John Leguizamo, Beverly D'Angelo, and Edi Patterson.

I really enjoyed this one. The film sort of reminded me a little bit of "Fatman" in addition to many other Holiday classics like "Die Hard" and "Home Alone". There is plenty of action, and suspense to keep almost anyone entertained. While far from perfect, the film is fun and definitely action-packed! I strongly recommend it!

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